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Rusty Keeney, R. I. P.
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One of Barthmobile's most valued members passed away tonight about 7:30PM. Rusty died in the hospital in Gainesville, FL.
Tom Johns and I visited Rusty last Saturday and knew the time was short. He had developed stage 4 liver cancer. He is survived by a sister in Missouri. Rusty was a 32 year veteran in the Navy.

God bless you Rusty.

Nick Cagle
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What a shock...

Rusty will be missed. Barb & I loved that "old guy".

Always a joy to talk with him at the campsites.
He was always the first to help with any kind of Barth problem rain or shine.

Jim & Barb
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God bless your soul Rusty, May you now have ever lasting peace!

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Our prayers are with him and his Family. Thanks for letting us know Nick. He was respected and liked by all that knew him.

Dana & Lynn
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A sad day indeed. Tom and I saw him in early January and he was not well. Liz and I always enjoyed visiting with him on our trips to and from Florida. We will miss him.

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We too will miss him. May the Lord be with you Rusty.
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I an very sad to hear that.

Richard & Robin
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We'll miss you Rusty!!
Jim & Tere

Jim and TereJim and Tere

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What a world (wide net) we live in! A chance meeting with a Barth in Ohio led to finding the original site, a conversation with Dave Bowers and later a meeting on the web with Rusty. We found we both had worked for Shell Oil, his tenure was long term with much tech experience, I a short term in jet engine oil development. We both were telescope geeks that stood out in darkness staring through telescopes enjoying the wonders of the night sky. At that date this was not a pursuit for those seeking comfort. Digital was only beginning and reliable remote monitoring was on the horizon. Astronomy is a pursuit of photons from many light years away finding their way into your retina as you stay still on a night that may range from very cold to very hot. Astronomy is an anaerobic exercise! Rusty had that capacity to be rewarded by the capture and enjoyment of those photons, that humbling experience that in the cosmos we are a sentient being aware of the small space we occupy. It’s amazing what you find when you look!
I had the pleasure of meeting him as he traveled to see his sister. He stopped here in St. Charles, MO and not only did I meet him but toured his coach and met the travel mates, one since passed.
Cherished memories thanks to, pleasant travels Rusty.

If your not Royal don't get Coronated!
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Nary a word on this site that he was in distress .
"Fair winds and following seas my brother."
R.I.P Live with the stars you so loved and honored.

yet another old salt has crossed the bar! Salute

#1 29' 1977parted out and still alive in Barths all over the USA

later: 25' '82 Euro 70% ready for the road (if I can find the fountain of
youth) it is somewhere here in central

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One of the most remarkable people I ever met. I agree with all that has been said about Rusty and hope he can now be at rest.


Don't mess with us old folks, we don't get old by being stupid!
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Although I never met Rusty, he had my deepest respect, rest well ole chum!

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Rest in peace Rusty, you will be missed. Always enjoyed talking with you and admired your great knowledge of all kind of things.
I hope your 2 (un)spoiled furry buddies are ok.

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When we first got the Euro and found this site, we decided to go to Hillsborough State Park for a weekend, and just for kicks I posted it here and asked if anyone wanted to join us. To my surprise 2 Barths showed up, one of them being Rusty, making him the first Barthmobiler we actually met in person. This was the humble start to what has become an annual GTG in December, and until last year, I don't think Rusty ever missed one. Some years we'd have 20 coaches, some only 4 or 5, but one of them was always Rusty. We'll miss him and make a special toast to him this year. Rest in Peace my friend.

79 Barth Classic
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Rusty's ex wife will be taking his dogs. Nick took them to their usual vet to be boarded until she picks them up.
Not surprising, Rusty was more worried about them than himself.

Rest in peace, Captain. Salute

"98" Monarch 37
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