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The Kitchen ?? Who cooks??
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How is your kitchen equipped?

What does the cook/chef use or not use??

How many utensils?? What type??

Is "less is more"?

How often does the cook/chef replenish??

What would you throw out? Keep?

How much garbage do you accumulate when on a journey??

...and the the chef/cook answer Smiler


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I have a large and small pot and a skillet. An electric hotplate subs for the propane stove when the LPG is shut off.

A toaster and mandolin slicer are used frequently. Utensils include table service for one, a whisk, funnels, church key, can opener, cutting board, long shaft butane lighters, spatula, serving spoon, slotted spoon, ladle, set of five knives and sharpener, corkscrew, sieves, lid opener. This is only a partial listing.

I usually carry food for a week in case I'm in a shop for repairs or otherwise delayed.


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I would have thought that you Barth people used your
kitchens more but from the above response
one can only assume that none of you use it
and just go to restaurants, etc when you get hungry!!
...and, I'm guessing, that is why there has not been any more postings to the recipe area!!
All the great food contributors have moved on!


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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I love to cook, and cook breakfast and dinner pretty much everyday. We do go out to lunch about half the time. I have a pared down complete kitchen. 3 saute pans, two different sizes of pots. Oven ware, multiple utensils, dish and glass ware for 4 people. Various glasses. We do bbq for dinner quite a bit. I do use the convection oven, and have baked cakes.

Unfortunately, our coach has the little 2 burner cooktop, which I do not like and find quite a challenge at times. If we ever get to stop fixing mechanical issues, I want a new cooktop. We don"the like to eat out that much and prefer to hit the farmer's market and cook our own food.

My favorite topic is food!!!

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