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New CD is now available
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Wow. Hang in there, Bill. Take care, be well. The site will still be here. Shields Up

"98" Monarch 37
Spartan MM, 6 spd Allison
Cummins 8.3 300 hp
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I think it goes without saying we were worried about you. The internet is a strange place. You have helped my numerous times and have asked for nothing. We have never meet but I would still call you my friend.

If you need anything from me just ask and I will do what I can.

Glad to see you on a comeback. We missed you! I missed you!

Dana & Lynn
1997 38ft Monarch front entry
Spartan Mountain Master Chassis
Cummins 8.3 325hp
Allison MD-3060 6 speed
22.5 11R
Cummins Factory Exhaust Brake
Christened Midnight

1972 22ft
Christened Camp Barth
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Bill: The Lord makes things work out, Hang in there and you'll see...................Carl

Former owner of "THE TOY"
1988 Barth Regal SE 33' Tag
1992 Barth Breakaway 32'
2005 Coachmen Mirada 32' DS

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Good to hear from you. Best wishes to you and family from Anne and I.

1990 Barth Regency
32RDGB1 Wide Body
3208 Cat 250 HP
Gillig Chassis
Center aisle
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I am glad to hear that you are pulling yourself from whatever darkness you have visited. Sometimes getting there is a quick trip, returning is often a longer, slower journey. Hang in there! There is more brightness just down the road.
PTDS and it's relatives are a devious and deceptive bunch and can attack any one of us without notice. (not unlike catching a cold or other illness)
I am, and I am sure, all the other Barthers are rooting for you.
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Superman
Good luck and God bless!
Dick Dubbs

#1 29' 1977parted out and still alive in Barths all over the USA

later: 25' '82 Euro 70% ready for the road (if I can find the fountain of
youth) it is somewhere here in central

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Good to here from you Bill Smiler

Three Times A Charm
88 30' Regal John Deere
Hot Rod Lincoln
511 Cubic Inches
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Originally posted by Gabriel & Elise:
Hello, This is my first post and a Barth CD question. I don't have an optical drive on my computer. Is there any way that I could download the Barth CD info online? Thanks!

Good morning, Gabriel and Elise;

Your computer not having a built-in "optical drive" may not be a problem. Check with your local computer stores (or an "on-line" vendor) to see if any of them have a portable external DVD/CD-ROM drive that will plug into a USB port on your computer. The last one that I bought was about $30.00. Normally any recent MicroSoft Windows Operating System will recognize it. I think the Apple OS will also do that.


Latté Land, Washington
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Hi Bill,

Is the Barth CD still available? I recently purchased a 1990 Barth Regal.

Dan P.
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I meant to answer for Bill NY when you posted but got off track. Yes, I believe it is still available. I rolled back to page one of this topic. I would suspect a price increase as the original post is ten years old
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