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I ordered an Atwood AC unit on May 3 from RVparts (bare unit, no panel or thermostat) for $502 including shipping. They replied it would be shipped within 2-3 weeks. (This was stated on the website when I ordered.)

6 days later I get a shipping notice and a tracking number. Cool. Unit arrives 2 days later, straight from Dometic. Cool.

Open the box, case is smashed. Not cool. Emailed RVparts, they request photos, returned to them that day. On May 14 I get an email with a Bill of Lading to return ship the damaged unit, which I did next day. Also said a replacement had been reordered and shipping info would follow...

Never heard from them again. Meanwhile they have $502....

After a week, I sent 3 emails requesting either ship date or refund. No response. Two problems, they still have my $502 and I am leaving for Minnesnowta GTG June 1. Stated this in the emails.

Website contact phone number returns message to email them! head bang

Left the house, contacted PayPal June 1. They responded same day. Gave me provisional credit the next day.

Returned today to find message on home phone from truck company for June 1 delivery, with 2 hour pickup notice required or return ship... head bang

Bottom line: 2nd unit was returned, sight unseen, and PayPal finalized my refund. Rvparts country never responded to me. Watch out for this supplier. Very poor communication.

PayPal is my friend. Sorry for the rant.

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Steve, as I stated in another thread, PPL in Texas is a great outfit.

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Steve, sorry to hear about your troubles with that outlet. I will second your communication troubles. I had my eye on a replacement exterior door and after several emails back and forth I had questions on the overpriced shipping costs. As soon as I did, they stopped communication all together. Very unprofessional and def. a red flag.
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PayPal is my friend. Sorry for the rant.

Steve I agree I try to use paypal whenever I can online even if Ebay does nothing paypal will follow up

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Originally posted by Danny Z:
Steve, as I stated in another thread, PPL in Texas is a great outfit.

I agree. I've bought 2 reefers and 2 A/Cs from them (1 each for the Barth and TT), as well as fans, FW pump, and toilet parts. My very first order (in '04) was a complete toilet, exact part number as was installed. The location of the connectors was completely different, even though the part number was identical; I would have had to rework the plumbing., a major job. PPL cheerfully took it back, refunded mu money, and promptly sent me a rebuild kit for the existing john.


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