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Platepal your 'ride' ??
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would you buy this?


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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I do not think you are permitted to obstruct the view of the plate in Ohio. Even smoke colored plates are not permitted. I purchased my plate cover at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. So the answer is NO, I would not waste my money. Thumbs Down nono
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Those plate covers would be illegal in Florida as would any colored or smoked ones. Also plate frames covering any lettering such as the issuing state, expiration date are illegal in Florida.

The above includes vehicles from other states in Florida.
The charge is driving with an obscured tag/plate.

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Another thing people are starting to do is use colored lights to illuminate the plate, this is also against the law in Florida which states white light only.

Light regulations in Florida are as follows:
Front of vehicle- white headlights, white or amber driving/fog lights , directional lights white or amber only.
Side lights amber front, red rear only.
Rear of vehicle, taillights/brake lights red,
directional lights red or amber, back-up lights white or amber only. Emergency vehicles exempt.
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Jim is, of course , right about Florida laws concerning the plates. I recently heard on my car radio about a lady getting a ticket and healthy fine for a cover that obscured the bottom lettering, so I started checking other cars, and the next 22 cars I saw ALL had covers that obscured a part of the plate, and nearly all were dealer installed ad rings. So when you drive that brand new car off the lot you are already breaking the law!

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