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Formally known as "Humbojb"
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Well, it does say that the 'General Discussions Forum' is a place to just say "Hi!".
Tere and I have been on this site since 2004, when we first logged in as "Humbo", my childhood nickname. Each morning, it's one of the first things I do, check Barthmobile to see what's happening. For some of us, Barthmobile is a way to stay connected to other people. As you get older, that becomes more and more important. It's like my Silver Sneakers class that I attend three days a week. For some in that class of 25 or so 'senior citizens', it's the only time of the day that they interact with someone else. So, Barthmobile serves a very important social role for some of us--it keeps us connected to something outside or our living room. When you are 80+ years old, that is very important.
There are several reasons why Tere and I have a 22 foot Winnebago. The important thing is that it's what we can do right now. We still hope that the right Barth will come along, but if not, just being a part of this extended family is more than enough.
So, HI!


Jim and TereJim and Tere

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HI! Jim and Tere. Thumbs Up
Computer Salute

later 25' '82 Euro 70% ready for the road (if I can find the fountain of youth) it is somewhere here in central FL

29' 1977parted out and still alive in Barths all over the USA
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So it is for many of us, Jim. As for the Barth coaches, they are ultimately a means to an end. It turns out that many interesting talented people have been attracted to Barth coaches over the years. It is the people that ultimately make the coaches and this site a favorite for us.

We acquired our 33 Regal in 2011 by accident really. Owned by inlaws, I bought it almost unseen. Knowing it had a 454 and aluminum hull I was convinced it was worth a try, especially at a reasonable price. We put over 40,000 miles on that thing, lots of projects and lots of places. It was great. Moved up to the diesel Monarch to continue our longer journeys. It has been great too.

Still, the highlight remains that I have been fortunate enough to meet numerous Barth folks over the years. Never a disappointment, always a good time.

As time rolls on we all will change. Some have sold their coaches, downsized or other changes. Still the same great folks. This site, too, is changing as members come and go. It will be interesting to watch the changes here too.

Hang in there Jim. Do what you can, that's all you can do!

Have Barth, will travel Tooling Along

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Hi Jim & Tere

Steve, VERY well said.

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Hi right back Jim!!

I bought ole nose kinda on a whim also, saw it sitting behind my insurance agency. Watched it for year or so, never moved. One Sunday my grand kids were visiting from Chicago and I happen to drive by the agency. Stopped and had my grandson climb the fence and see if the thing was open. He of course preferred getting up on the roof. Finally he went inside said it was a wet mess, one of the roof vents was missing. But my interest was sparked, gotta hold of the owner, took a look myself, made an offer and was flatly refused, no counter offer either. Saw him at a Home Depot a few weeks later, upped my offer a few hundred and he took it, so the adventure began!!

Found this site, was able to make it to a couple of GTG's, all is good!

Perhaps the same fortune awaits you Jim.

25 Ft Glassnose, 2792, 1982
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