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Help on what I have
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I have a 1976 Barth 20ft motorcoach. I have attached a pic of the only ID tag I can find. I have owned this for 3 years it got drug out of a field in Azel Texas when I bought it. I am just trying to figure out what Barth Model it is? It has a 350 SMall block chevy and turbo 400 tranny ( Which is what I cut my teeth on back in the day) on a 1976 Chevy 1 ton chassis. And is in surprisingly good condition for its age. I am considering putting a late model 6.0 L chevy vortec motor in it if I have problems with engine. My dad gave me a love for RVs when I was young I helped him Repair Holdiday Ramblers and Airstreams in the 60' / 70's . I own a couple of Teardrops I plan to pull behind the Barth when I reserect it. Any help on what I have. Pointers to manuals etc would be appreciated. I am a long time watcher of this forum and a first time poster. I am getting closer to getting started on it

TNX in Advance

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Looks like a 1976 21 foot coach. Prior to about 80, they were all just considered Barth motor coaches, or trailers.

After that, they split into gas models (Regal and Euro) and diesel (MCC and Regency)

S76091996MC21A is the Barth coach number:

S7609= Sep 76. 1996= coach#. MC21A= motor coach, 21 ft, floorplan A

VIN decoder for GM:

It is consistent with your 1976, 1 ton, V8 350 and TH400 trans information.

Good luck with your coach! As old motorhomes go, the Barths were built better than most. If the chassis and frame are good they can be enjoyed for even more years.

This site is as close as you will get to a manual. Do a search of the forums. Lots of good GM stuff here. Thumbs Up Mechanic

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Tray! Welcome to the world of the Barths. What is the condition of your machine? If something had been sitting in a field where I live in the Northeast, it would be in very rough shape rust wise. The Chevrolet chassis is relatively easy and cost effective to work with. You can think of the other brands of RVs as being "organ donors" which will supply you with parts sometimes. The first things to be concerned with, if you haven't already paid attention to them, is the integrity of the fuel and brake lines. Take care of that, and everything else is just another detail to manage.

Happy Motoring!

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As far as restoration goes it's an 8 in my book still all original. Leaking roof in past but fixed. I have restored stuff that was a lot worse... original carpet and cushions. Dash has got some holes. Looks like that will be fun to recover.

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We have a 1982 Euro 22’ (in restoration) that has the Chevy 350 with the TH 400 transmission. That engine is a truck version with a forged crankshaft and a cam that emphasizes low end torque over higher HP. It performs very well and does not lug up hills. It is also efficient averaging about 12mpg on its trip from Ohio to Houston, before a head and valve job. I would recommend you give strong consideration to just updating the valves and lifters before installing a car engine that will not have the beef of this engine.

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