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New to Barth and
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Turns out the 1983 Barth Regency belongs to Mike Foster, aka "ironsides". It has been sitting since 2010. It will need all new betteries, tires, and basically a restoration. The paint is faded and peeling. None of that is bothersome but does factor into how much is it worth! The throttle cable is either frozen or needs replaced. You can step on the pedal and the idle goes up but not back down. I have to tap on the throttle mechanism on the engine to bring it back to idle. None of the running lights work. Only 1 headlight works. The blinkers blink altenately left and right regardless on direction chosen. When you turn on the flashers, only the left blinks. There is only 12volts to the appliances when the engine is running. The genny seems to be siezed. The air pressure on one gage gets almost to 90 and the other not past 70. The rig is and hour and a half from where I live. To have it towed home is not really an option money wise. I really like the barth and would like to take over Mikes "life work" but its 20 degrees out and trying to fix the bugs in this weather is daunting. Ive read all of Mikes post's and feel a kindred spirit but also a sinking in my gut. The rig was originally priced at $8k, then 6.5 now 5 for me. Price is relative as is desire for such a project. Im really on the fence here but if I cant drive it home...what would be the point. If you all could comment with your oppinion, I would certainly appreciate it.
P.s. Mike is firm on $5k. It is understandable for all the time and energy hes vested. Ive not spoken to him, ive been dealing with his son Matt.
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Klare, This post may help you. You can buy the Barth, and get roadside assistance for it. AAA, Coachnet, Good Sams, Family Motor Coach all provide towing packages. Pick the one that will give you at least 100 mile towing. Have brought home.
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This is a tough call from a distance. I have tackled many projects on my 2 coaches and I would be careful of this one. The sale price is indeed low, but there is so much other stuff that needs work... brakes, tires, generator, lights, throttle cable. On top of that, this is an orphan coach among orphans, some parts are not available. I would want to road test it somehow before buying.

If you are very handy, have a good place to work, and don't need to use the coach for a while it might work out. hmm

As with all things, caveat emptor. good luck hmm

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Good idea Kevin.
I indeed hand and can tackle the problems. It is just a matter of time. Ive made 3 roind trips to the coach so far (9hrs driving). The rig needs to be gone through to get the bugs out. Tires and batteries are part and parcel of ownership I suppose. It may have to wait till spring. Thank you for the comments.
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Is this yours??


VIN: 1RP1A5869C1US1046

1980 Barth Regency for sale. 8.2 liter diesel pusher in good working order. Newer tires and batteries $6500.00 obo
condition: fair


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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It belongs to Mike Foster aka ironsides. I was thinking of buying but it needs a lot of work before it will move. Ive decided to wait till springtime. If he still has it then, ill buy it. It is a 3hr round trip for me and it isnt getting any warmer. Ive made 3 trips so far but little was accomplished. It has been sitting for near 10yrs. Meanwhile I posted the ad to see if anyone else would be interested in it.
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