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The Pandemic of 2020
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This was suggested in the thread about Photo Bucket but I would like to get a sense of it on it's own merit.
These are unprecedented times in our country and our world. For the first time in my 82 years, to a significant degree, people are cut off from social interaction with others. One can Zoom or skype or facetime or whatever but it just isn't the same. Barthmobile serves an important role in helping people get through this pandemic. It gives us a chance to talk to one another, to share ideas, to follow the lives and travels of others. To coin a phrase, it's "Priceless". The first thing I do each morning with my first cup of coffee is bring up Barthmobile. I would be more than delighted to share in the costs of maintaining the site, and suggest we employ someone to do the initial set up of transferring all the files from Photobucket to whatever new photo storage site Bill and others chose.

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In complete agreement with Mr Jim .

We have been without a coach since February 2018 , but are now actively searching for the one we want . Despite not currently having a coach , I am on this site and the Wanderlodge site numerous times daily . I read current posts and study past threads to learn about these machines and past experiences others have written about . Sometimes I'm able to share experience and knowledge we have learned while traveling , camping , maintaining and repairing our coaches . So far , we've owned a 96 Winnebago Brave 454 engine , a 95 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 5.9 Cummins Pusher and a 94 Bluebird BMC 8.3 Cummins Pusher . Nearly all maintenance , repairs and upgrades were performed by us . Reading about the things others have done is invaluable and I am always happy to share anything I am familiar with or learn during research .

Although we have only met one Barth owner in person ( wonderful fellow ) , We enjoy the ability to converse online with like minded individuals . We come from all backgrounds , spiritual beliefs and political parties , yet we enjoy the common interest of rv's . There are many people we have met while camping or going to rallies who we now consider family .

So Yes , we are happy to support this site financially .

A big Thank You to those who make this site possible and keep it going Smiler .

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