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photo and ? storage ??
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Geez One Drive Item# 12 looks better and cheaper than what we have in PB. Does anyone use it?

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Sadly, I don't think the transition is as simple as just a new cloud server. Even if we do find a better photo site, if we copy our old photos to that site, someone will have to relink every one back to our site. head bang

EVERY Barthmobile posting that contains a photo link to PB would lose the photo. Someone would have to open the post, look at the previous PB link, figure out which photo is referenced, then cut out the old PB link and paste in the new link to the new photo site. EVERY old photo and site posting would have to be redone. For my photos alone that is over 1000 posts to be edited... confusion

That said, if we switched to a new photo site, all future photos could be sent there and linked as usual. If we keep the existing links to PB for a while, the old ones could be converted over time. Once the conversion is completed, we could then finally abandon PB... Shields Up

A daunting task to say the least.

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