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Just got our first Barth and saying hi
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Well I got it thru inspection. Seems my tail lights aren't working so I fished a wire from the rear access to the one light and then up thru the cabin to the engine and wired it to the front lights. Got it thru for leaving the next day for the Jersey shore (wasn't driving at night so didn't need em aside from the inspection). Drove fine aside from a sticky right front caliper. Any ideas on where I can find the parts spec tag? Would like to just order a new one and not deal with trying to rebuild the one there. Fired everything up except the furnace. Only issue is the hot water heater doesn't always fire. I think a little cleaning should take care of that and plan to replace the anode over the winter. It does have a leak in the shower. Had my daughter take a shower and saw water dripping down along where the walls meet the floor. Dry under the drain and the fixture so I'm guessing it is running down the outside wall or back behind the toilet. It has a shower curtain not the accordion door that I think it would have had new so I'll explore my options there. Oh and so it has 2 waste water tanks. I assumed one was for the bath and shower and the other was for the kitchen but that isn't the case. How do I swap them? Do I just open the release valves and let them mix? Seems odd to do that as then you have waste water behind the "cap" that will leak out when you go to drain. Very happy with the purchase. Now time to start getting to the fixes.
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You will likely have two tanks, one is for black water (sewage) from toilet. The other is the gray water tank from kitchen and shower drain, etc. The dump valve for the black water is usually larger diameter, the smaller one is the gray water. Normal practice is to drain the black tank first, then drain the gray water. This will flush the remaining black water out and leave only gray water in the dump hose.

My coach has small lights on the mirrors also. They are for turn signal as you suggested. Mine are notoriously intermittent. The ground connection is simply clamped under one of the mounting screws and tends to come loose and get cruddy.

Considering the brakes are not that old, The sticking may be due to the flexible brake hose. They often get pinched and restricted internally and cause the sticking you noted.

Gas appliances usually respond well to cleaning.

Here is my thread on front brakes:

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Brakes (calipers, hoses, wheel cylinders, pads, shoes and discs) were all replaced in 2012 so nothing is all that old. the one sticks sometimes so figure might as well just replace it as the prices from rock auto are dirt cheap and I can't rebuild it for that price. Seems mine is only going to one tank as the one was full the other completely empty after 2 days of use.

Other questions I've come up with are my accordion door for the bathroom is broken. Any idea on the maker they used for these as it has a curved track and the track is pretty narrow so I don't think I can just get a generic replacement. Also, I'm missing some clips for the windshield curtain and cant seem to find ones that are that size. Anybody else have this issue. The previous owner bought a bunch of different ones but non fit the track. Thought about just replacing the track but can't find any bendable surface mount tracks that would work.
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