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Wind question
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For Rusty or anybody, how strong of a wind would it take to knock over a stationary 28 foot Barth. We're looking at about 100 mph and I have the Euro parked across the front of the house, hoping to protect the house and use the genny or the whole coach when this is over. I think the strongest winds will be head on then rear on, and not broadside too bad. Hope to have a home and a Barth at this time tomorrow.

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We did the same with the Monarch. The wind has been blowing 50 to 60 mph but it's still early. I have the jacks down to stop the rocking and we will wait to see what happens. So far we still have power and if it goes we are moving on the Monarch. Was in it a while ago and it seems stable.
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It won't turn over. Think about the low center of gravity: Wheels (and tires); generator; fuel tank/propane; engine/transmission; plus all the junk we know is stored in the lower compartments. (I would chock the tires to avoid a roll-off) Windshields pushed in (complete) may be a problem.
Relax (and worry about your house).
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I moved the Barth up the driveway (away from the tree line, oriented north-south); there's a windbreak to the east. I anticipate the strongest winds here will be southerly.

Update: It looks like the storm will make landfall between Naples and Ft. Myers, which means that max winds at Venice will be northerly.


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Originally posted by USMC Gunner:
It won't turn over.
hmm Hmmm, then why did I see so many Recreational Vehicles flipped over on the hurricane Irma news? hmm
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