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Barth Police CRACKDOWN???
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posted 02-28-2018 06:58 PM

This being Danny Z's coach, listed under Barths for Sale, this post is deleted!!!


The reason I posted that info was to give a broader search engine product rather than just confining it to a private Barthmobile sale/site.

My info was copied and posted
so no savings of computable space was made and indeed this reply eats up more space than if it was left alone!!

So I ask everybody
Should I have re-posted Dannys Craigslist posting??
Should the "police" have made a crackdown on that posting??
Should the "police" have re posted my original posting without my permission?? Smiler


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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Since Danny's post was already here I don't know that reposting a craigslist here (which will expire) would give site members any better info, might cause confusion.

Meanwhile non site members would probably find it on craigslist first anyway. No big deal either way really. hmm

Doug, your diligence in finding these things is remarkable! Keep up the good work. Thumbs Up

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So I ask everybody
Should I have re-posted Dannys Craigslist posting??
Should the "police" have made a crackdown on that posting??
Should the "police" have re posted my original posting without my permission?? Smiler[/QUOTE]

So we live in a country where we have freedom of the press! Even Kevin would agree to that D'oh Therefore in Barthland exercise your rights! If it works for you it works for all of us!! Computer

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It's what you agreed to *.

Duplicate posts are to be avoided because Bill N Y gets charged for the volume on the website. This is why, years ago, Bill and I moved all the pix over to PB, to save space.

* ToS:

"When posting a new thread, please post it only once in the appropriate forum. Posting an identical thread in multiple forums is not allowed without permission, and duplicate threads may be deleted. If you are unsure of which forum would be appropriate, post the message and if it is in the wrong forum then it will be moved to the correct forum."

The keen-eyed observer would have noted I left the stub of the post with the link untouched, so the goal of widening exposure is intact.


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