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Heroes Honor Festival
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I attended the Heroes Honor Festival held at the Daytona International Speedway over Memorial Day weekend. This Festival was held as a belated welcome home to the Vietnam Veterans. Okay so it was 50 years late but I didn't hear any screams of "Baby Killer", "no one threw blood on my dress whites", I didn't see any "Dogs and Sailors Keep Off the Grass signs". I'm eternally grateful to the organizers of the event. There were over 35k attendees of which 10K were Vietnam Veterans welcomed home for the first time.

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What a nice thing to have happen for the Vietnam Veterans. I only spent a few days and nights there was mostly in Thailand and the Philippines in 63,5. When I returned to the US for discharge, went to the YMCA changed to civilian clothes for the flight back to Chicago from San Fransisco. Always regretted I did not keep my AF uniform on, and take the dirty looks.

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Nick, Duane and All our Barth Veterans,

Thank You for Your Service!

Albeit 50+ years late for our Vietnam Veterans.

We individually and as a nation truly owe our way of life and the freedoms we often take for granted to the commitment, service, and sacrifices of generations of our Veterans and their families!

Thank You for Your Service! We are forever grateful!

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Another bittersweet aspect of Memorial Day. We remember those brave citizens who gave everything for the rest of us. So many fine people whose lives were cut short by the follies of politicians. I can only say thank you to all of them and their families for what they have given us. Salute

Memorial Day always makes me think of the survivors as well. I have always felt the way we have treated our returning vets, especially from southeast Asia, was a national disgrace. How dare we safe happy civilians treat them so? I have several friends who felt compelled to remove their unforms as they travelled back to their homes, to attempt to resume something of a normal life after the horrors of war. They missed the grateful reception they so deserved.

I have nothing but sincere respect for anyone who will serve for the benefit of others, especially with so much at stake. My sincere thanks and deepest respect go out to you all.

By the time I was old enough to serve, the war in SE Asia was winding down and most were returning. I never did serve my country in the military. While I am not ashamed of this, I would have been proud to serve. I remain humbled by those who did and I have highest regard for them.

It is only fitting you should be blessed and thanked for all you have done. Salute

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Although we mourn the loss of those who gave their lives for our freedom, Salute let us rejoice and be greatful that those same ones lived to do so! God bless our military, past and present and God bless the United States of America. Superman
Thumbs Up cheers

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