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Terms Of Service - What That Really Means
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    This is a good opportunity to remind our community of our terms of service (TOS), and share some general guidelines.

    The Terms of Service are available at the bottom of every page in Barthmobile so you can refer back at any time if in doubt. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these terms, but for your reference, a few behaviors we have a zero-tolerance policy for include a first time poster spamming our site or a member actively threatening the health and safety of another member. For these there is no discussion and one of several moderators will remove the offending post, usually within a few hours.

    We will also sometimes lock down a post because the topic is teetering on the edge of being out of bounds. Even if it started fine, this action could be taken if the conversation becomes either useless or toxic. Remember, we're here to discuss the finer points of the Barth Custom Coach.

    There are several reasons we may take action to suspend or remove a member of the site in extreme cases.

    #1 Abuse. Members who show a pattern of harassing, threatening, targeting, or spamming one or more members of the site, either publicly or by PM. This is unacceptable behavior; if you have a problem with another member I recommend you ignore them, or if you feel another member has violated the site's TOS please reach out to a moderator rather than hash it out in the forums directly.

    #2 Purposely and regularly picking a fight with our moderators. Their work is challenging and often thankless, but they are here for you and are essential to maintaining a free and fair site. No decision is made quickly or without reason. You may not always agree from your limited perspective, but fighting with them over decisions that have been made and approved are counterproductive to our ability to maintain this site.

    #3 Failing to learn from mistakes. We're all human and sometimes, intentional or not, we will make mistakes that may conflict with the site's terms of service (TOS). If this happens, a warning is the first step. If you show a pattern, however, and repeated attempts to steer you down a better path fail, it may be time to move on and find a community with lower standards.

    We strive to work this out with our members directly, but if all else fails and a member who violates our Terms of Service (TOS) will not leave on their own, that case may come to actions such as suspension or removal from the site.

    As a general policy, out of respect for the privacy of individuals on our site, neither I nor any of our moderators will discuss the details of any individual member's suspension, removal, reinstatement or present status within the community. Likewise, no member is to make comments, guesses or request specifics about the status of a member who has been banned or removed by name or unique reference. Moderators will not share details, and will remove the offending post. Any decision made about a member's account comes only after research, discussion and evaluation among our moderators and I over a long period of time. No action that would limit a member's access to our forums is made lightly, and it takes a fair amount of warnings and repeated abuses for any action to be taken.

    These terms of service exist so that every member of our site has the opportunity to engage in healthy conversations about the Barth Custom Coach. While I wish we could simply rely on the rule to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", not everyone follows this rule. Our Terms of Service (TOS) guarantee that everyone can engage and freely debate without being harassed or spammed while they are here, and they will be enforced.

    Thank You All.

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Bill NY,
I would like to thank you, the other moderators, and the prior moderators for your contributions to this forum. By virtue of your actions, you have greatly and positively impacted many lives.

Happy Motoring,

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