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Barth and Some Other Brand Owners invited Memorial Day Weekend

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12-31-2016, 10:37 AM
Barth and Some Other Brand Owners invited Memorial Day Weekend
Make your reservations now if you want to join the Mary Ray and friends at Tom Sawyer RV Park for the event.
When: Memorial day weekend May 26-29, 2017.

1286 South 8th Street
West Memphis, AR 72301

Originally posted by Mary Ray:
What days would be needed? 26, 27, 28, 29 would be the dates of Memorial Day Weekend. All sites are empty now but she would like for us to call and reserve as soon as possible.

1-870-735-9770 for reservations Mary Ray or Barth would be the name to give.

I am trying to give this event as much publicity as possible, so I started a new thread here.

1. Mary Ray Salute
2. Nick and Donna Cagle Thumbs Up
3. Deb & Ed Thumbs Up
4. Steve VW and Liz Thumbs Up
5. Mwrench Ed and Jane Thumbs Up
6. Billyt53 Bill and Helen Thumbs Up
7. Dannyz and Suzie Thumbs Up
8. Tom and Nancy Johns Thumbs Up
9. Daryl & Kathy, Katelynn too Thumbs Up
10. Rusty and Man's Best Friends Thumbs Up
11. Sky Thumbs Up
12. Steve Griffin and Kathy Thumbs Up
13. StinkyDaddy Bill & Sherrie Thumbs Up
14. Doorman (Craig) Thumbs Up
15. Tom & Julie Thumbs Up

To get put on the attendee list (or correct any errors in spelling and etc.) send Kevin a Private message
12-31-2016, 11:22 PM
Thank you NICK for the sight update

Originally posted by Nick Cagle:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Steve VW:
It just keeps getting better! Thumbs Up Tooling Along

See what you started, Nick? Big Grin
Yeah, sometimes just don't know when to keep my mouth shut. Hide

Let's see where we stand after one day!!!

Looks like we may have started something. Of course if all Mary Ray's friends show up we may need most of Arkansas to park everyone.
12-31-2016, 11:25 PM
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