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Gorgeous 1978 Class A Barth 30' for sale in Ontario Canada
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Heads will turn when you're driving this tan and brown beauty. A perfect unit to restore and preserve the fabulous history of the Barth. No matter how long it sits (years) it starts right up. We have a Barth bump in front and a bustle in the back. 30' or 31' bumper to bumper.

Interior has original shag carpet and features. We even have the blender that is built into the countertop. It's damaged but maybe you can get a replacement. We also have the original Barth Binder that it came with with all the pages of info on the fridge, stove, a/c etc. The upholstery has been replaced (excellent job) but the original leather is still intact and in very good shape.

The middle bedroom has one bed only which slides out to a full size bed. There originally may have been 2 beds in there with an aisle through the middle. We have a set of drawers opposite the bed for storage and counter top. Totally short term use. You can put in whatever you like. The front couch pulls out into a 3/4 size bed.

We have 3 Hayne's books on engine and tranny that go with it. 2 70's aluminum folding chairs with original cushions. BBQ, lots of extras.

Most things work but may need fiddling with and some cosmetic work. i.e. the dash controlled roof searchlight moves in 2 directions not 4. And a good tuneup. We had hoped to do this but sadly other committments have come along. We've taken our Barth on many trips. As far as Virginia Beach in the US and New Brunswick via the Gaspe. Lots of mountains and crazy roads. Good times!

There are some signs of water having leaked into the ceiling. We're pretty sure it's a result of dried out seals around the A/C units or something like that. A good resealing and new ceiling panels inside should clean that up.

All in all a glorious beast! A little spit and polish a little work and reno and you've got a true Classic and very unique motorcoach. We have just registered the Tag # and photo on Barthmobile, but haven't seen it posted yet. Look at this link and you'll see the layout of ours in this 1979 Brochure, different upholstery but same furniture, etc.

Tag and VIN #: S78032388MC30TS12
454 Chev engine, 77,835 miles, P130 chassis # CPS3783301925, 6.5 KW Onan Generator with 733 hours, Twin Coleman roof A/C 12V or 115V (run off engine or plug in)and dash A/C, nice 18' brown striped awning, full size fridge, freezer, microwave, propane stove top, double sink, 2 Suburban Dyna-Trail Propane furnaces, Air Ride Tag Axle, Twin 50 Amp Progressive Dynamics Inc. power converters, fog lights, trailer hitch and 3 hitch receiver for motorcycle rack, aluminum bus bumpers, spare tire, PS, PB, automatic, fixed rear ladder at rear to roof, Dual Coach batteries, separate engine battery, CO2 alarm, 3 outside storage compartments, tire T bar wrench, two 50 Amp extension cords, and small appliances for kitchen and more.

We're asking $9,950 but will consider offers. For under $15,000 or even $20,000 you'll have the classiest and most reliable machine on the road.

We are in Castleton Ontario Canada (about 1 and 1/2 hours east of Toronto) and buyer will pickup here after financing has cleared our bank. We have many pictures we can send by email if you're interested.

Dave or Lynda Noiseux
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Could you please post pictures of the actual coach. inside and out. Thanks, Stillkickin
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Yes I will as soon as I can figure out how to do that. I think I can. And I have to run out the door this very minute so it will likley be tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for your interest.
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Sounds like a nice coach. (I am partial to tag axles)

If you go to the "Map the Barths/Data tag forum" the first topic deals with using Photobucket to link photos.

Basically, you send an email to Photobucket, attach your photos to the email.

When you compose your Barthmobile post, you go back to Pb to get a link to the photo and copy the link into your post.

This allows the huge photo files to remain on Pb and not load up the Barthmobile server.

Good luck, I'm looking forward to the pictures of your coach!

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Originally posted by Steve VW:
I am partial to tag axles.

Yup. Adds a lot of (needed) straight line stability to a Pee chassis. Also allows adjustment of rear ride height with varying loads. Rear ride height has a great effect on caster, which has a great effect on handling and stability. I use my rear bags to adjust for full or empty or in-between water and waste tanks. Of hitch load or motorcycle rack load, etc.


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Welcome to the Forums!

Go here for instructions on posting and linking photos.


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link to ebay.ebay

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With the 16" rims, wonder if this is the 'light duty' chassis that bill h has referred to? Especially with the 12300# GVWR.

Jim and TereJim and Tere

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Thanks for all of your picture loading advice. We're new to this forum thing. Bill offered to put them up so I sent about 80 to him. That was very much appreciated. So you can look for them soon. I can also email them to anyone interested. Just send me your email.
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Hi, still for sale? if so could you send me some pics? Thanks Jim
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Yes. I just got this now. Will send pics. I sent you a reply from your email.
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Me again. I should mention that we've dropped our price to $6000. Sad but we have to move it out.
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Lynda says it is sold.
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