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1991 22 foot Barth Regal $16,500

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08-05-2017, 09:46 PM
1991 22 foot Barth Regal $16,500
Originally posted by Kevin:

I posted this for our member here "Shadow" This rig is NOT in Ohio.

Hey Duane88, The coach in this post is not my Barth. Please read the entire post. Thank you anyway!

As for the hard wood floor, I would not put hard wood floor in a coach and it is not durable enough. My Barth has ceramic tile. It is very durable, but white is not my choice. It was the choice for a show coach. I also have white carpeting. Not a good choice for a motorhome. When I get to it I will have commercial linoleum in my Barth. Commercial linoleum is durable enough to track in sand, gravel and MUD and sweep up to a shine. It can look like ceramic tile or wood of your choice. It is soft on the feet and forgiving when you drop glass items.