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1986 31' Regal

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02-25-2022, 11:52 AM
1986 31' Regal
I'm listing my 1986 31' Regal for sale. The coach has been in my family since new and ALWAYS stored inside. It is on a Chevy chassis,454 big block and comes with 69k miles on her. Some additional info- 5.5 working Onan gen, Norcold refridg, working awnings in good shape, new tires on dualies, automatic air ride suspension w/manual leveling when at campsite, automatic retractable entry step, in coach controlled spotlight on roof, working A/C, 2 furnaces, auxiliary heater. I'm sure I have forgotten to list some things to list, but all-in-all an excellent coach. Attached are pics and the floor plan. Contact me by email at or phone at 937-726-1878.

Asking price $13,250

02-25-2022, 12:12 PM
Trying to figure out how to add pics to my listing.Any help?

02-25-2022, 03:12 PM
Steve VW
You can attach one photo to each post. (See the link below the window) Photobucket is not working well. Resize to fit if possible, or the site moderators will do it. Or you can email photos to me and I can get them posted for you.

Looks like a very nice coach you have, and a reasonable price as well. Good luck with the sale. Thumbs Up

02-25-2022, 03:46 PM
Hard to pass up your offer to post them. I will email all of the photos to you and you can use whatever you feel are good. Thank you for your help.

02-25-2022, 03:53 PM
Steve VW
Will do. Thumbs Up

02-25-2022, 04:34 PM
Steve VW
Data tag

02-25-2022, 04:34 PM
Steve VW

02-25-2022, 04:36 PM
Steve VW

02-25-2022, 04:37 PM
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02-25-2022, 04:42 PM
Steve VW

02-25-2022, 04:45 PM
Steve VW

02-25-2022, 04:54 PM
Steve VW

02-25-2022, 05:30 PM
Thank you for the for sale posting.
You have included:

Thumbs Up Good Contact information including a PHONE number

Thumbs Up Your selling price

Thumbs Up The data tag helps us know what you actually have

This is an example of a perfect for sale posting.

Good luck with your sale.
02-25-2022, 07:01 PM
Steve VW
Good luck with your sale Harley86. I am happy to help.

Let us know when it sells and this thread will be moved to Barths Sold forum and your private contact info will be deleted. Thumbs Up

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03-13-2022, 07:53 PM
VERY NICE COACH AND VERY GOOD PRICE I THINK!! GREAT DETAILS IN ADD ALSO!! I know, I'm yelling, but caps are easier to read. might try posting on facebook marketplace also. If I didn't have one already I might be very interested. Good luck with sale!!