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400 miles of hxxx
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So after driving my 25 around town and an 80 mile one way trip and back I thought, Geez this is wonderful all is sound!!

A fishing I will go, hooked up the boat and off I go, at about 100 miles into the trip my love started to miss loose speed, I nursed it at about 30 miles per hour, then it blew the alternator belt, nursed it to an auto parts store got a new belt and all seemed well again for about 20 miles. Back to 30 miles an hour to the lake I was going to fish. My love just quit at the camp ground. I looked it over and saw the fuel line going to the fuel pump was soft and I thought it might be collapsing and limiting fuel flow, got a ride to another auto parts store bought some fuel line and low and behold she ran again. Late in the morning, and partner had to home, back on the road. 10 miles down the road, back to 30 mph. Found a garage and had mechanic look things over, He thought the fuel filter was plugged, a new filter and back on the road. 60 miles later it missed, 10 more miles and I was back to 45 mph, well I got my friend home but I still had 80 miles to go, so about 50 miles into the trip my love quit. I was beat, laid down and let it cool off, took the new fuel filter out and ran boat gas through it backwards thinking I could clean it and a little junk came out, put the filter back in and back on the road, but at 35 miles an hour and 15 or so on an incline, 2 hours later and a lot of irate drivers later I pulled into my driveway. Never got a line in the water!!!

So yesterday I pulled the carburetor and found a filter in it also, it really looked trashed, I took the carburetor to the shop he looked it over said it was fine, so a new filter and put it back on the engine. So I am going to pull the gas selector valve and make sure it works. Before I connected the fuel lines I did turn the engine over and it seemed to pump fuel fine, it is new fuel pump.

I am concerned why it seems to screw up at 60 to 80 miles and run when it is first started.

Any thoughts? Duane
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It seems that GM was stuck in the learning process for motorhome fuel systems.

70's had engine pumps and a rear frame rail pump. Still had vapor lock issues. Later they went with intank electric pumps to feed the mechanical on the engine. Then they went with a recirculating system. The intank sock filters were junk, easy to plug and impossible to clean without removing the tank. The tiny filter in the carb is a joke also. After numerous failures of pumps, filters, valves, etc I was frustrated.

first round:

When I converted to the TBI system I needed a higher pressure recirculating system. I removed/bypassed the tank pumps and filters. Went right into large canister primary filter. 6 port fuel selector, then inline pump. Straight to throttle body, no engine pump.

next version:

Bottom line: the tanks have crud in them, lines too. Valves will stick and filters are way undersize. Clean and replace it all or stop every few miles.

454s like their fuel well supplied.

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Thanks Steve what a wealth of knowledge. Where did you get the fuel injection system, Sounds like a good idea, did it help with mileage? A new carburetor is best online price about $250.

I need to see what has been done to mount my fuel tanks. I do hope I can lower them easily. Thanks again!
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This may not have a thing to do with your problem but I had about the same problem on a trip to Sturgis years ago. turned out to be a bad gas cap creating a vacuum in the tank not letting fuel to suck to the pump. took cap off and ran great till I got new cap. Ran fine for 45 min to an hour before fuel starvation.

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I did notice there is Vacuum in one tank and not the other, going to check that out. Thank you Doorman
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