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Florida trip
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We headed for the Sarasota area on the 29th., and since we were eager for SUNSHINE we drove the 1030 miles in two days. Not the every trip thing to do, but the SUN was calling. Arrived at the Sarasota RV park only to find them closed with note on door listing where everyone with a reservation was to park. The problem was we weren't listed. They had cashed our check, and had told us via phone where to park, but that site was taken. They do not answer their phone or do they have a message system. With this in mind we found an open spot and settled down. I will not return to their park. We have several long time friends there so we as planned spent most of our time with them. Eating on the gulf often, and enjoying the high 70's and 80's with tons of sun was our plan. After 5 plus days there we headed to the Pamama City area to meet more friends. Sea Grove to be exact is a wonderful area for sure. The beaches have the white sand, and the sand bars make the water look a multitude of colors. Land on the gulf starts around a million, and the area has in place strick codes which make it very nice. All yards have to be of natural material, and every 300 yards there is a natural pathway to the beach. The area has the highest death rate of drownings due to serious under-tow conditions so one must be very careful. Terrible thing to talk about, but people do need to be aware of the risk. We did miss the big rush of travelers and therefore the traffic was not that bad. We had a great time with friends. We had decided ahead of time to stop in the Knoxville, TN. area to meet and visit with Jay, and Shelby, and Dave, you are correct, they do own 2/3rds. of the state. They are very nice people, and I must tell you their 95 34 ft. Regency is first class. Wow what a nice Barth. When they come to the rally everyone will agree how nice it is. One problem on our return, I failed to pour in additive during my last two fill ups, and I learned a good lesson. We made it to the entrance to a station, but had to dump 3 cans of thaw out,plus dump the filter and then refilled with treated fuel. It came to life in quick order, but never again will I not use additive. Ok members, give me your " I told you so's" I deserve them. Missed this site, and find our Barth more fun with each trip. Naples, FL. has a super camp, and we will try it next time. See pictures below. The coach pictured at the bottom is owned by my brother, and his wife. It is a 2002 Monaco. I know, not as nice as a Barth. They do a great job looking for Barth's to take pictures of and send to us. Thanks for hearing me out. Dale and Sharon

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Just so I understand this: you drove to FL, took over some else's parking slot, got arrested for picking the sea oats, tossed out of the campsite then parked on someone's patio for two weeks!.....:-)

Welcome back Cuz. Place wurn't the same widdoutcha. Of course, SoD did a pretty good job of keeping things on an even keel.

Man, that was a nice trip. Sorry to hear about the fuel problem. Hmmmm, my 454 never complains about it's fuel being chilly. All in all though, you guys must have had a blast. REady to go back yet?
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Great pictures Dale& Sharon:If all the folks on this site are like you folks, We have a lots of GOOD folks too meet.That a great Barth you folks have!We are so glad you folks enjoy your trip.We are so glad you folks stop by.

Jay&Shelby 95 Regency 34ft. 300 hp.
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ron, my bride of 43 years said I don't think we are pulling the hills like we should???? I checked all gauges, smelled strong sniffs, looked out the mirrors, and listened for any strange noises, but nothing. In flashed my mind, I bet the fuel is jelling so I kept my speed up and watched for a truck stop. Spotted one and headed up the off ramp. At the top of ramp I felt steering get VERY heavy and knew the diesel had shut down. Had enough speed going, and strong enough arms to turn the corner and coast to the entrance of the station. The last Tenn. hill my top speed got down to 25 where as normally I pull at 50-55 so I knew I was in trouble. Bride does not enjoy these types of problems, and I understand why. I can only blame myself for this one, and she feel better knowing it wasn't a Barth problem. Have a case of additive coming from son-in-law, and into a compartment it will go. It is very important that you if at all possible dump the fuel from the filter and add treated fuel before re-starting. It started right up with the aid of starting fluid. Didn't get arrested, but did make a full timer at the site mad that I started up to leave and he said the smell was getting in his POS. I am very careful not to run any longer than needed when pulling out. He must have been having a bad day, but I didn't allow his comments to cause me to KILL him. I am such a nice guy. I don't look into the mirror very often, but when I do I say "SELF NEVER DIE" Dale
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That could have happened to anyone. Glad you hit the ramp at the right time.

As for the driver of the SoB rig, did you remove the jewelry before the body was buried......oh, that's right, you just smiled and told him to have a nice day... :-)

Good pics BTW. That patio-parking is fitting for a Barth. :-)
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No jewelery ron, but one half of the PEACE hand signal worked. Oh I forgot to tell about our late night attempt to park in a RV park that was closed for the night. We were on our way to Sea Grove. FL. when we spotted Shady tree park. I turned in only to find the office closed, well walking back to the Barth I heard a voice say, "want to spend the nite?" it was a full timer trailer guy that kind of looks out for the office when it is closed. I said SURE, and he said swing around those trees and hug the fence then pull in that site. He said he would direct me into such, but turn off the gen, and lights. Well I did such, but as I neared the end of the spot I told him I felt I was to close to the water hookup on my left. He looked and said you are ok just pull up approx. 10 feet. I put in gear, and at once heard a GUSHER. Water was shooting at least 30 feet into the air like "Old faithful" I had caught with rear bumper a 1 inch line of plastic and what a site for all eyes to see. I pulled forward cause the water was going up the side of the Barth and onto the roof. He ran back to his trailer as he didn't want anything to do with this problem even though he caused it. I was not about to just head on down the road and leave the mess so I went over to his trailer and learned he was on the phone telling the manager what had happended. I saw then several RV owners coming out of their rigs as they heard the gusher, and had lost their water supply. I was concerned about all the mud but then realized that it was sand so it would disappear in quick order. Within a few mninutes the manager and his wife showed up on a golf cart with tools in hand. They were very nice, and said not to worry. I helped them fix, and I saw first hand how well that special glue works even under water. I learned then that the man that had helped was DRUNK so they knew what had happened. I offered to pay for repairs but they said HEY, you could have run off but didn't and that told us we were caring people. No damage to Barth, and met some nice people within the site. The JOYS OF LATE NIGHT CHECK IN. Dale
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The Sunday Washington Post Travel Section featured doing the Sarasota touring thing....on a Segway Human Transporter...

Seems it it one of the few places you can rent Segways 'cause the city is layed out to really take advantage of them.

...Anyway, it was $58 for 2-1/2 hours...not bad for a $5k machine.....

I'd luv to get a report on the experience!...

If you're interested, the Segway rental concession is at 200 S. Washington Blvd, ph. (941)954-8888, or:
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Dale, Welcome back. I've been real busy this week and just got to check the site tonight. No trip is truly interesting without adventures. From the sound of it, you had a few. I guess the fullrimer that was complaining to you missed the chapter on adventures. It was good to read about your trip. Bill G
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Dale: Sounds like a great trip and it's on our agenda of "to dos" in the future. Jay and Shelby's coach sounds like a sister of ours, which we hear is July on the Barth calendar. Eager to meet you, them and the other good folks on this site as our travels allow. Is there a list of those going to Quartzite? How about Strawberry Man? Not too far for you. Others? C'mon Dale, Arizona is all beach, just no water! But I'll betcha it's warmer than Naptown!

Susie and Gary (SUGAR)
'95 Barth Regency 34'
'96 Explorer
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Susie and Gary; we are packing up as i speak. Gotta make 2 trips to Lk Havasu on tues. and wed. with a u-hual and a van to get everything in storage and have to clean the house and carpets and have it inspected by the landlord on thurs., dinner that nite with friends and then leaving on Friday morning if every thing goes right. Had a skiff of snow this morning when we got up....incentive to me to get busy!!!! We will be looking for you, hope you don't mind that we will be driving an sob...we are still barth people at heart!!!! Dave, get well soon!!!
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