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We can't really blame the engineers... they were TOLD to make it that way.

When they had problems back in the late 70's with RV starters not working when hot, the engineers came up with a new starter solenoid design. New part number and all. Works great.

You think they ever put that part into production models? Nope. All the way into the nineties they never used the new design, only put the newer part in when customers complained.
They had the fix all along and left it on the shelf. (You can still get the upgrade solenoid but I would recommend a non GM mini starter.)

I hate GM bean counters...

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I have the recirculating system in mine. Up in Alabama last week I thought I had a leak at the electronic pump, turned out to be the return line which runs below it in the frame rail. For some reason there was a splice in the steel line at that point and the rubber had rotted.

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Steve, I guess I should put the put the blame where it belongs. Hug an Engineer...

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