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Snow Boarding with our Barth
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Happy Holidays to all.
If anyone has been watching the weather in N. Calif and Oregon imagine driving your Barth in it, Sacramento to Skamania. We made it and other than I had to hike from the road to our house last night and dig my old 325,000 mi. Audi FWD out of a snowbank to get Irene and the cat back to the house "Gypsy Rose Barth" did great, except for a few hickups with the electrics. I'll try and describe driving a 34T on ice and hard packed snow later, but for now I'm really busy still washing out my knickers and that might take a while...
Cheers, John
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I had a similar experience, only not quite as extreme. My wife and took the "Prairie Schooner" for a little ride to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Needless to say, half way through our journey, it started to snow. By the time we got to the exit on the turnpike and headed back toward home, it was snowing so hard that our speed was reduced to about 20 MPH. All traffic stayed in the right lane and there was now at least 1-2 inches of snow on the highway. Things were getting a little dicey as we approached the 12 mile decent from the mountains to the Connecticut river valley. Fortunately as we descended the temperature changed a bit and the snow turned to sleet then rain. The only problem was keeping the windows defrosted and wipers clean of snow. There was no slipping and sliding thankfully. Going down some of the steep grades was a bit scary, but in the end all was well. My lack of familiarity with the Barth in those conditions kept me on the edge of my seat, but I think she is actually quite capable in those conditions. I never told my wife how tentative I felt while driving.

It will be interesting to hear of your escapade. Bill
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I don't mean to have this sound like oneupmanship. But another example of being caught with unexpected weather. Earlier last year, (we're talking MAY here) we took a little jaunt up to Hinckley, MN (search on The Hinckley Fire for interesting info) It was 50-60 and clear when we left. On the way home it started to snow those huge flakes. By the time we were half way getting scary. I turned on to the main highway just to see everything had stopped. I didn't want to slam on the brake for fear I would go into a slide so I did that stop where your entire body tenses up and you kind of pump the brakes. All this which Deb was doing this Dave, Dave, DAVE, crescendo scream thing. I stopped I was not more that 5 feet from the back of a semi. By the way, those heated rear mirrors work great.

Opportunity always knocks at the least opportune moment.

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Well heres mine. On our trip to the salt flats last Sept. It was snowing sideways amost a total whiteout in Wyoming ,luckly we hit a rest stop.Wokeup to about 4"of snow on the grass next morning. Ten hours later it was 80 on the salt,SWEEET. BRES
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John, my experience with the Siskiyous was just the opposite. We lucked out, and went through with the S.O.B., on Saturday, the day before the big snow hit. Didn't hear about it until we arrived last Monday, to our Yuma friends' relief. They thought we were snowbound.
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