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Heading for Little Rock
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For our trip “down south” this past Tuesday we selected the Indiana/Illinois/Missouri/Arkansas route. Knowing there are more than a few campgrounds along the way, we didn’t make any reservations ahead of time. Here are the places we’ve stayed so far…. Keep in mind that this is a rain-all-the-time trip being done well in advance of summertime, so we sorta had our pick:

Indiana: Straight down from home plate, we went right through Milford and tooted the horn as we passed the old Barth factory. Then onto France Park in Logansport. A respectable place with a polite host to greet us and to take our $23. 50amp service and good-tasting water with a level site. We got up Wednesday morning when we felt like it, unhooked and went into town to find a hotspot to do our daily Internet duty.

Illinois: The windshield wipers never stopped all the way to our next waypoint, Burrell Park Campground in Carmi. (The GPS said we reached our destination somewhere downtown, but we couldn’t muster the courage to settle into any of the nearby driveways.) The Good Sam RV Travel Guide (printed; so there, you ‘puter nerds) said we still had two miles to go on city streets and country roads. Just as they rate tornados, this place was an F5 for being out in the boonies. Timbuck V for sure. I think the last one to use our site was either D. Boone or M. Lewis. No one to greet us, we noted two or three other campers along a very skinny paved drive. (With so much rain, the real concern was the integrity of the tarmack, for it was narrow and muddy on each side.) 50 amp service included with full service; an ample supply of Shiraz and Barb’s patented Sloppy Joes already in the coach. Nice to get settled for the night; tired but not cold or hungry; rain still dancing on the roof. Zzzzs. (We’ll have to leave our $16 in a box in the morning.)

We’re on our way to Little Rock so more reports are in the offing. Our ultimate goal when back home is to have encircled Mary Ray to try to contain her before the GTG in Milford (probably to no avail).

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You must have active warrants and APBs out on you to be taking the roads you are!

Your stealth is safe with us... Cool


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I can not be contained, restrained, or retrained!!
But I will see you soon and we can discuss this. Wink


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