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crappy campground manager
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My family was terrorized by the manager of the Wagon Ho Campgrounds in Gnaw Bone Indiana. (This is on 46 near Nashvill IN in Brown County.) Last night around 9pm this man came up pounding on our window cussing and screaming because our daughters car was parked to close to the grass edge. My daughter pulled up directly behind our Rv on the rocks provided, but her front tire had pulled just a little to the left and was at the edge of an area that was rocks and grass, her front tire touched an area of rocks mixed with grass that was maybe 1/4 of 1 tire width in size. The manager of this campgroung screaming and cussing demanded that she get up and move her car to meet his specifications.There was no polite asking , he came full force pounding screaming and cussing.(My daughter was not parked in the grass, she was parked on the gravel behind the RV and the front tire of her car was touching a small patch of rock and grass)and this man went crazy. We made no noise, just sat in our air conditioned rv and watched a movie. And this rude nasty man came pounding cussing and screaming because my daughters front tire barely touched some grass. My daughter apeased the man and went out and turned the wheel on her car so the tire wasn't touching any grass. She only backed up a little,(not more than a couple of inches) and turned her wheel slightly and this crazy man went back to his trailer.
We then discussed leaving,but decided that
we had allready paid a steep price for the spot and it was late. That we would leave in the morning and never to return again.
When we went to take showers the next morning we noticed that there were no children in this campgrounds except for my daughters 2 children. All other people there were over the age of 50.
When we registered at this campgroung we were not warned not to park on the grass or that children were not welcome. The only fret the man had at that time was to make sure he collected the added $2 per person charged over the base rate. Our Tv could not be heard outside of our RV. And We spent very little time outside of our RV.Also there were never any written or verbal camp rules given.
I want to warn other camper out there about our horrible experience with this irrational campground manager.
And let everyone know that I would not recommend this campgrounds to anyone. And please do not trust the Good Sam Club approval emblem on their sign. This campgroung managers temper was very scary.

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Jack, it looks like you tangled with a real psycho there. Thus, are the things memories are made of I guess.

The fact that you didn't loose your temper back is a credit to you.
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