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Texas to California...
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Wellllll..picked up the Barth from my mechanic ( Don Lee Rv/Truck repair) in Everman/Fort Worth,. Ran like a top over the 1700 + miles. Left Last Friday got into Sacto on Tuesday A.M. and dropped it off at the rv mechanic to look at house systems ( ( RV Doctor George ). Quite the adventure as I hadn't driven it personally more than a mile since I bought it. Had the chassis gone thru in Texas. Started in rush hour Fort Worth traffic, then a heavy lightning storm and associated heavy winds just south of Amarillo. Stayed the night at a noisy Loves Truck Stop in Tucumcari, NM. Next to Flagstaff, AZ and a night in the Cracker Barrell restaurant lot. Next to Barstow and a night in a hotel (time to shower - no water on board). Next day to Sacramento and a local rest stop among the semis.. Early next day, drop off at the RV Doc’s.. As mentioned, ran like a top but had a few concerns. Fuel gauge quit early so navigated fuel stops by distance. Horns inop, they were working in Texas. And..wham, the flat screen TV mounted above the dash came down on a bumpy California freeway, luckily not hitting me and not breaking the screen . All in all, quite the adventure, baptism by fire, so to speak. Even though I hadn’t driven this or any coach of this size, all seemed to flow well after I got on the road.. Heavy winds and storms and passing big rigs seemed to just be natural handled. No stress and wasn’t stiff or anything. Seats were comfortable also. Great! Now after a systems check, on the road for real adventures.. Tooling Along

on a side note, my diesel mechanic in Texas was so impressed with my Barth, he is now looking at one he spotted locally for he and his wife.. HA!, a new member maybe.. Thumbs Up


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Cool! Sounds like a great trip! Thumbs Up

The first time I drove my 86 Regal anywhere I backed it out, hooked up the tow dolly and car then drove from Florida to Michigan!

I had worked on it for a month before leaving and, like you, made the trip with minimal problems. Tank 2 did not work, ran on tank 1. Cruise and speedo died early, had to use tach for reference.

I had never driven an RV before. Had a great time, still like that coach. Hooked on Barth since.

Good luck getting your coach fine tuned. You will enjoy it. Thumbs Up

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