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Texas Beaches
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Does anyone have any suggestions on Texas Beaches? My parents (Back between 1975 and 1983) use to take us to Corpus Christi/Padre Island in our motorhome. It was safe to pull out on the beach with the motorhome and Mom/Dad would set out and watch us play in the water all day. We are wanting to take our 3 kids, ages 1, 2 &4. Back then we didn't worry about it being safe. Also, when we went to Corpus Christi, you could drive far enough down the beach and find a place that was private. Is it still like that or wall-to-wall condominiums? Thanks for suggestions. The Kerrs
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Howard Payne's full-timing website carries some of the most informative campground reviews you can find.
They've been to Padre Island, camped several places and offer some good info. Got to:

Click on Campground Reviews, then:'ll show you the locations that they've reviewed.

FWIW: Howard's site is arguably one of the best full-timer's sites out is religiously updated daily and can be addictive for full-time wannabees....I've been following them for several years.
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