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01-13-2021, 01:49 PM
Doug Smiley
Outside Barth
If you want to get this Smiler


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

01-14-2021, 03:19 PM
My son took up jumping starting last spring. Tell me he taking off 20 times in a plane but has never landed in a plane. In my younger day I use to jump. Back then it was a 35' round canopy. My mom said she didn't know why any one would jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Then she saw the jump plane. plywood door that swung up. duct tape holding oil inspection door closed and decided it was not a perfect plane I was jumping out of.

1986 31' Regal -1976 Class C
454/T400 P30 -350/T400 G30
twin cntr beds - 21' rear bath