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1985 Barth laboratory truck $7000 OBO
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Chevy Barth Mobile laboratory truck
equipped with benches, hood, lab sink;
Make: Chevy Barth Body style:
TK VIN No: 1GBHP32M3F3336429
Year: 1985
Mileage: 076136


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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Looks like what Walter White and Jesse Pinkman needed!

1985 Barth 31 foot
454 Chevy
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At the risk of starting a debate, this looks nothing like any Barth I've ever seen. The nose cone does look a little like a Euro, but the side view shows a different profile. I'm guessing someone attached a couple Barth nameplates to the body of something else. If we could see the build plate we'd know for sure.

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I agree with you Danny. The nose shape and angles are not right for the Euro, nor the grill and light locations. Different windshields. The front hood must be hinged to open, there are rubber strap hold downs above the front wheels.
I do not see rivets on the side panels either.

The Barth emblem in the rear is off center.

Vin # indicates a 9-10K lb chassis, P32 forward control (not P37 motorhome) chassis, with 350 engine. Front wheels have 8 lugs. Most Barths had 5 in front, 10 in rear.
A bread truck maybe, but not likely a Barth. hmm

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I don't think the body was built by Barth, but there is a possibility of Barth outfitting it as a mobile lab. There is add info on Barth conversion van, but we have yet to locate one. If I was looking to set up a lab truck Barth would be a company that i might consider for the job. They did custom and quality work.

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