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1977 21-ft Barth Cllass A oFFER??

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05-05-2022, 02:50 PM
Doug Smiley
1977 21-ft Barth Cllass A oFFER??
The links have been removed, it is infected and could cause trouble!

VIN CPL3773304670


Barth was driving perfectly yesterday while out running errands. When I went to start it the last time though, it wouldn"t shift out of park. Had it towed home. Think it just needs a linkage adjustment and a tune up for smog. Buyer will need to have it towed out from in front of our house.

I purchased this 1977 Barth Motorhome in 2017 from its longtime, second owner, a retired physics professor who was hanging up his keys for good due to health concerns. It was in good mechanical condition when I purchased it and is in even better mechanical condition today, as it has had regular, preventative maintenance and the necessary replacement of aging/failing parts.
This is not a camper that has spent its life parked (which is murder on an RV"s motor, rubber hoses, electrical wiring, etc).
The previous owner used it regularly and I have traveled extensively throughout the west coast in it. I just took it on a 3-month trip earlier this year without issue.
It is classified as a Class A, due to its width, but it is short enough to fit in any regular parking spot. Because of it"s small size, you can take it most anywhere. I have driven it through unpaved, barely-maintained, BLM roads to reach remote campsites (recently up Red Mountain in Ukiah for 2 weeks), through the desert to uncrowded campsites at Joshua Tree, to beautiful beaches all along the CA coast, and spent plenty of stealth nights camping on city streets all over.
Extensive information about the vehicle"s history and upkeep here:
05-05-2022, 09:23 PM
Ian and Lynnette
My antivirus software was offended when I clicked that top link. Seems there is some malicious stuff attached to it.
05-06-2022, 03:09 PM
Doug Smiley
Link is gone...
05-06-2022, 03:25 PM
Originally posted by Doug Smiley:
The links have been removed, it is infected and could cause trouble!


Doug look at the top of the original post you see this.

The link had bad stuff. Everyone that tried it hopefully had protective software. Mine said “danger will Robinson there is bad stuff if you continue!”

I have the old Lost in Space protective software. Sorry

Dana & Lynn
1997 38ft Monarch front entry
Spartan Mountain Master Chassis
Cummins 8.3 325hp
Allison MD-3060 6 speed
22.5 11R
Cummins Factory Exhaust Brake
8000 watt Quiet Diesel Generator
Christened Midnight

1972 22ft
Christened Camp Barth