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Barth for sale in Indy
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Found this Barth while driving down the road in Indianapolis. I don't think this person knows what they have. I am going to put it on here not so much to help them sell it, but rather to help those of you looking for one to find it. All I know is that it is a 97. Listed at 37', don't know if that is accurate. Looks like a diesel pusher, tag axle. Decent shape, I didn't go inside. Peeking through window it looked like it was worn, but not trashed by any means. Like I said, I didn't go in. They are asking $19,500, the woman I talked to said she didn't know if that was a good price or not, neither do I, but she won't sell it at her location counting on drive bys. Told the lady in the office to post here, we'll see if she does. Any way. Here is a pic and some contact info.

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Not likely a diesel pusher; while there were linehaul tractors with tandem axles where the front was a tag, and were called "pushers", that config has been obsolete since the early '70s. The "U" axle that allowed driveshaft clearance has long been discontinued.

So I'm guessing this is a gaso front engine with a trailing tag.

The hatch above what appears to be a grille also suggests front engine.


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Did Barth switch to fiberglass at the end? I do not see rivets. ??

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My guess is Ford 460 powered with a mundane interior much like the one I looked at in Marshall, MI.
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They did stop using aluminum at the very end. I am not sure if they were even manufacturing their own coaches at the very end.
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Camping overnight at our club AMA pro hillclimb, a freind of 1 of our members asked about the Barth. He tells me that Barth built him the last one they ever made. A 38' on a mountain motor chassie.
He said the employees were doing everything they could to give him a quality coach and owners were trying to cut corners on it to make a buck.
At the end he said he was at the factory every day to make sure he was getting what he wanted and done right.


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