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Dustyjeepers guide to adding photos. This is for me as I forget every time.

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06-15-2017, 10:21 AM
Dustyjeepers guide to adding photos. This is for me as I forget every time.
Step 1 get coffee
Step 2 Load pics from camera onto computer.
Step 3 Get on internet
Step 4 Get on Yahoo. Send pics in an email to Barthmobile (put dustyjeeper in the subject header) you can find them
Step 5 Start new topic in any forum. Write everything you want to say first. (you have a hard time getting back to here).
Step 6 Click on view recent photos on photobucket.
Step 7 Drink coffee, throw cat off chair, have patience, don't touch anything for a bit. Do Not Let The Ads Beat You
Step 8 See the pic you want. Take mouse to upper left of photo. (a small icon forms on photo) click on the (share).
Step 9 A box has appeared from nowhere. In it the last one on the bottom says (copy photo). Click it, dont think, do it.
Step 10 Ok, Here comes the fight. You now have 3 pages open, multiple popup ads, a slow internet , and a full bladder.
Step 11 Carefully drag, minimize, pull to the side, X-out the ads anything that has you locked up at the moment.
Step 12 You see it. (the post you want to add the photo to) Click on the page and then Paste the pick to the page.
You DID IT. cheers
Step 13 You want to add more pics. Oh God...........
Step 14 Okay Hit enter a couple of times on page so you can see The next pic you will be adding. Also when you post a pic
there is a number on it, look, you already forgot which pick you posted.

Disclaimer: As I have posted pics on this site for years. I forget how to do it. If this helps someone else, great. If nothing else, this will save me multiple failed attempts at posting pics. Please post your picks.

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06-15-2017, 07:54 PM
Steve VW
I'm not sure but I may have posted more pics here than anyone (over 700 so far!) confusion

Photobucket is a PITA at best. head bang A few things have helped:

When emailing photos in, I do no more than 5 at a time. More than 5 does not always go right, don't know why.

It may take some time for them to arrive at the PB account, sometimes a half hour or more.

I use this time to compose the text of the message. I then POST JUST THE TEXT on the BM site, leave blank lines for photos. I do this because keeping the "compose" window open while fishing on PB, ads, etc, can lock things up, lose all the text.

After the partial (text) posting, then try PB again. When you find the photo you want, there is a menu at top left. Click on the "share" option, then COPY THE [IMG] LINK.

Once I have the link, I reopen my incomplete BM post with Edit/Delete button, then I paste the image link into the text.

You can save the post with the image now if you want. Go back to PB and repeat with the next photo. If you feel brave you can keep the edit/delete window and PB window open at the same time and just jump back and forth to copy several links and paste them into the post.

By building the post in increments, there is less risk of losing your work if something crashes.

A nusiance but usually works for me.

Everyone appreciates your photos and your elaborate Barth projects. Thanks Thumbs Up

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06-15-2017, 10:14 PM
Some revisions:
#1. If it is after 1PM you can get beer.
#4. For get Yahoo, it is loading ads to sell you more of what you already have. Go directly to
#7. Your beer or adult beverage may need a refill.

Any way works to get her done.
If you have a Barth send me the data tag and we will get you a folder for that specific Barth. Use the Coach number for your subject instead of Dustyjeeper. If you are posting Ebay, or Craigslist photos, we have folders for those pictures also.
If you have trouble call Kevin.
Thanks Dusty for simplifying the process. Thanks SteveVW for the other hints.

Post your pictures now.
06-16-2017, 08:56 AM
Thanks. I will try the (edit thing). That should help. Okay. How do I do this? How do I stop the adds?

1978 Barth 17' Cabin Fever
1997 Barth 23' 4 door Command Center