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A recent search this evening found ?
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Google search has turned up this from about ten years ago?

"Aug 21, 2012 — There are 0 Barthmobile members and 147 Guest/Future Barth Owners on our forums: CD, We have a new forum called, 'Map The Barths & The Data ...

Could someone please direct me to the forum "Map The Barths..." found above.

Also note when one searches "RVFORUMS" dominates the google search. This prompts the question how much does this website pay to be on top? Most top google results pay to be on TOP.
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The Map the Barths forum was once part of the Data Tag Project forum. A while back changes were made to the server used by Barthmobile. Due to some software issues the Map forum no longer worked and has been disabled for some time.

As for Google, I am sure the site pays no one for our search position. If anything, they should be paying us.

We are on the top because of our extensive archives of well documented projects, many of general interest to all RV operators. That plus descriptive search friendly thread titles result in many views from outside our site. This site has always been a trove of great information. Google likes us I'm sure.

For example, a few years ago I replaced the engine in my Barth. The thread titled "454HO Engine Swap" now has about 80,000 views.

It is not surprising to me to see this result. Searching other RV sites I rarely find much info that is not here on our site, and there is often a link back to this site! We have many talented people who post their projects here.

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