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Another Fourth on Log Lake

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07-05-2021, 08:56 AM
Steve VW
Another Fourth on Log Lake
We had 3 gun boats and 3 shore batteries this year. We went steady for 45 minutes. Violence

The county park and beach were packed. At least 1000 people to watch the "neighborhood show." confusion

Lots of fun! Here is my contribution:

07-05-2021, 08:58 AM
Steve VW
So, a little messy this morning! Hide

07-05-2021, 09:01 AM
We went steady for 45 minutes.

I heard you in Massachusetts!!!!!

Nice work!
07-05-2021, 09:19 AM
I like the little messy better than the year you guys had the explosion!

Dana & Lynn
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07-05-2021, 09:35 AM
Steve VW
Yeah, that was SPECTACULAR! The whole pontoon boat went up, Blew a 3 ft hole in the deck and split one pontoon seam. Half sunk by the next day!

I was closest one not on that boat. (The five guys on board jumped in the lake, no one hurt somehow!) What a show! The boat was covered with a huge flaming ball the size of a car, stuff flying everywhere! confusion

This was at least 25 years for me. So far no surprises.
Yeah, you've got to be careful....

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