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TWO 1981 MCC by Barth Coaches, $15K each
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I think Mr. Hoagland's post more or less confirms what I said. Neglect is the killer, not under-design. Interestingly, I have scaled mine and it is nowhere near 23,000 lbs. 18,940 lbs total; 6,780 on front axle (-200ish for driver) and 12,160 on rear axle. 1,260 lbs is a bit light for passengers and cargo, but for two it's not terribly unreasonable.

I've read that the fiberglass MCC after production ended up weighing more than originally planned. That may explain some upgrading that occurred later in production. Mine was earlier in production and perhaps didn't get the heaviest option package. Anyway, as I said, after replacing normal wear components and upgrading to greaseable parts, it drives great. Also after a complete brake system rebuild including master cylinders, and a flush & fill with DOT 5 fluid,it stops much better than I would have expected given the negative comments I've seen. I would guess that the complaints about brakes have more to do with lack of maintenance than the actual brake design. I drove mine home 200 miles after buying it, and the brakes were marginal. I was shocked at how bad the master cylinders and calipers were when I got it apart. The brake fluid appeared very, very old and contaminated. Brake fluid should be flushed and replaced about every three years, especially on something that sits most of its life.

I think for the time the MCC/Regency was designed and built, they were comparable to most motorhomes on the road, and better than many. Sure, things have improved over the years, but given the nearly 40-year old design, they are a pretty darn nice coach.
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I have listed these separately. Please see their listing in the For Sale Forum

Thanks, Jason
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