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Looking for a Motorhome

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07-17-2020, 07:42 PM
The Rubber Duck
Looking for a Motorhome
I'm new to the site and looking for a 1973 Barth Motorhome. My Grandfather had one years ago and it got totaled by a tree. We took it everywhere. It had the brown and gold paint scheme. Powered by a Chevy 350. It had the 70's olive green dash and purple shag carpet. Would love to find another one.
07-19-2020, 02:37 PM
Mogan David
Whereas you are NOT selling one, your post does not belong
in "Barth Coaches For Sale"

A major deterrent to getting a 1973 is the windshield.
If you find a 1973 Barth, the windshields are likely to be delaminated and very cloudy around the edges. If you want to replace one, for that reason or from impact damage, you CANNOT get one anymore.
07-21-2020, 07:38 AM
The Rubber Duck
I apologize for putting this in the wrong place like I said in my first post I am new to the site. As far as the windshield goes that is not a problem. My Grandfather taught me how to properly take care of those big windshields. A way to prevent what you're talking about from happening is to use the filter end of a used cigarette on it from time to time. The chemicals in it are an excellent way to break up road grime that collects on the windshield.