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84 28' regal
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I'm sad to say i found out that my city does not allow an rv to be at your house for more than 3 a restoration project would out of the question.anyway i told dianan i would try to help her sell it on here she was aking 6500 org. not sure what she will settle for eng. sounded good tran had a lil bump shifting ''maybe just low on fluid?''needs 4 back tires b4 it can be moved oil change before you drove it any real distance just to be safe and a batt.left front wheel well was rusted out bathroom completely ruined floor and paneling all deteriorated. cabinets in excelent shape though.
wasnt abused just very restore in my opionon. low miles i think only about 50k.and very weak brakes.this is the only pic i have so far but i did look at it and drive it till the dryrotted wheel came off Smiler i got a price of 900 for the 4 back 2 front were bought in 98 but they still look brand new they did start it up and move it and it was in the shade so im thinkin thats why.i will take detailed pics of it when i return the paper work if she allows me.i would have loved to been able to restore this beautifull coach but i will have to wait for that''stupid city !!!'' contact diana 386-801-2402 its in orange city fl i just talked to her the bidding starts at 5k Smiler
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We checked out this Regal last summer it's been on the market for a looong time. It needs lot's of work the bathroom is a complete wreak lot's water damage, water damage to other ceiling areas it will need a whole new headliner thru out, wood floor areas are damaged by water, needs new carpet, furniture dated moldy & animal hair, trans slips, needs anchor practically no brakes, dash is a mess gauges do not work, no dash A/C, gen bad, tires shot, awnings ripped, storage boxes rotted, paint is peeling. Will have to be towed. We were willing to pay the $6500.00 asking then reality set in (whew) sorry to say it's barely worth $3500.00 and that's what we offered last summer. This Barth has not been maintained it's neglected and it shows. Seller is a little sketchy lots of excuses to keep us away during the rainy days took two weeks to schedule a viewing another week to really inspect. I've got detailed pics of this Barth. A word to the wise download the Barth Buyer Checklist it save us from making the big mistake of buying this one.
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That description is one of the great things about this site...the paticipants are knowledgeable and persistent. The photos would be interesting inasmuch as they elucidate the check list. If it were dirt cheap...but it isn't.
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Almost sounds like this one might be a candidate to be parted out and live again in dozens of Barths around the country. If anyone wants to do this, I might buy the leveling system if it works.

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yes i would have restored it if the city let me have it here but alas.i havent been able to get back there to take pics yet sorry it is a lil far.i will still try.i had the same thought as to maybe it could be parted out but shes is still beautifull and the thought of that almost makes me of underneath will tell it has 3 good things the cabinets the engine ran and its a barth Smiler
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