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1978 Barth M22?
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I am thinking of buying a 1978 Barth M22? I think.
Chevy Van Front end. Anyway this thing is sitting on flat tires and the owner isn't asking that much for it. I am going to look @ it this Friday.
What should I be on the look out for?
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At the beginning of that thread, you will see a link to a buyer's checklist.
I infer that you are referring to a CLASS C BARTH motorhome. If you search, you will see some recent discussion about another new owner of a Class C.
In terms of the coach, rather than the chassis, look for: mechanical damage (such as from impact) to the roof and other panels; water damage to ceiling, wall and floor of interior. If it is in TX, it may or may not have been winterized. Even there, it could have freeze damage to the plumbing.
In terms of the chassis, the concerns are pretty much the same as you would have for a car or truck: tires; brakes; engine noises; engine leaks; radiator leaks; fuel leaks; loose/worn steering and suspension components, etc.
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Mike: I have purchased but not yet picked up a 77 class C rear entry. I copied a check list of what to check out and replace on a new purchase, will try to find the post. I saw the unit advertised, it will need every part made of rubber replaced, I suspect the tires are 16.5 inch diameter, and the tire sizes are a bit limited. The metric replacement in 16 inch size are 215x16 LT tires.

Good luck on your purchase. I paid 2500$ for mine, and have purchased 16 rims for it. Will be interesting to find out what I will need before I can take it home with me.

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I rescued a Class C, installed new exhaust, tires, radiator, fuel pump, water pump, hoses, belts etc. I installed 16.5 tires (Firestone's). They ride nice and are relatively quiet. Thought about new rims, but after pricing the Firestones at about the same price I went with them. I will be getting another new one for a spare being that they had to be special ordered.

Owning both a Class C and a 31' Regal I can tell you the 21' C is more relaxing to drive. Quieter, handle better, has front doors, roll down window, vent windows, better access to engine, and the overhead bed stores a lot when not in use and make a great sun visor over the windshield.

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and then there is this for an option:



The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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