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Gliese 581 Strikes Again
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Only 20 LY from Earth, Gliese 581 has yielded several "exoplanets" (Those beyond the Solar System); Now our reliable little (red dwarf) neighbor coughs up an Earth-like planet (a first): Gliese 581g


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"Everything we know about life is that it absolutely requires liquid water," says astronomer Paul Butler, with the Carnegie Institution.
Seems like an ego-centric statement since everything we know about life more or less comes from just our little planet which happens to have most life based around water.
"Personally, given the ubiquity and propensity of life to flourish wherever it can, I would say that the chances for life on this planet are 100 percent. I have almost no doubt about it," Steven Vogt, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at University of California Santa Cruz.
Are these guys really scientists. Talk about unfounded theories! "Almost" equals 100% does it ??? Did the guy take statistics?

I would like to think they're right, but this sounds much more like grant money talk than science.

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"grant money talk than science"
I think you nearly, almost, absolutely hit the nail on the head!

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Slightly off subject, but similar in nature was all the dire predictions concerning the Gulf oil spill and how many scientists were predicting that it would never recover "ie I need money to study...." and then when it simply vanished within two weeks, they all knew the pot had dried up and not a peep out of 99% of the experts.....

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