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Acer notebook
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We bought an Acer Aspire Series 5000 notebook 3 years ago to take with us on our travels. One key on the keyboard quit working .. guess what .. you can't buy parts for Acer products anymore!
You have to ship the notebook to Texas for repair. That's $199.95 for a $40.00 keyboard! Plus the shipping costs!
Not bloody likely! The place we bought it from is going to track down a used or generic keyboard, or try and fix the "a" key.
Up here we call it the "Canada" key ..."Eh!"
We WILL NOT be buying an Acer product again.

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Right after buying our new 20" HP monitor, we found an ad for an Acer for 40 bucks less. Glad we didn't see it before!

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I've never had an Acer product live a full and productive life.

For laptops, I stick to Dell (not the best, but excellent customer/repair service). Asus is my preferred, but I don't know about customer service, as only one item of hundreds I bought from them was DOA (returned to vendor), and no other has failed. I just upgraded a PC I built around '94, and the Asus CDROM (That's right, not a burner) was still going strong.

More than likely, a keyboard can be found, as Acer is mostly a parts aggregator, but there can be 3 or 4 hours labor in some laptops.

Now might be a good time to replace it....the downside is that most new ones are preloaded with Vista.


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Hmm.... crappy, well my Acer Aspire 5050 3465 has run flawlessly for 6 years now. Oops I might have jinxed it now. o_O

Granted it's a bit on the elderly side as far as laptops go but I pet it frequently enough my cat Petra is jealous. Big Grin

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You can usually find stuff like this on ebay.


Its true that Acer quality has gone in the dumper. I prefer HP and yes...ASUS...hard to beat ASUS quality. The best products need no support.


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Hmmm, I bought 2 Hp DV4t and when the mother board failed I upgraded to the DV6t, very shortly that one failed as well. I returned both HPs and got 2 Acers, lower cost, more features etc.

I have had 3 Acer laptops since 2003 and not one bit of trouble. I have many hours on these as they are the prime and backup computers that I use for road race timing and scoring, they see a lot of abuse!

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I've had my Aspire for about a year and it has worked flawlessly. The battery lasts much longer than my old Dell also.

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Well, us MAC Powerbook owners don't have those problems, but if you want it repaired there is a shop in Houston that repairs all brands, and they sell parts as well. Look at and you may get what you need. We have used them to build office cad systems and industrial notebooks for over ten years. We have had good service.

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