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Need some wisdom!
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Knowing virtually nothing about the heaven's.. I am seeking some wisdom which I know abounds here! For the last week I have been watching an object in the sky that I am curious about. Every night about 10 pm I like to go outside and just kind of look around. This object I have been observing is straight south of the "big dipper". Or as I stand in my driveway looking south, it would be directly overhead and at approximately a 2 o'clock position. What makes it interesting to me is that there is the hint of a red and green light from it. It is a little brighter than the rest of the stars. I thought at first it might be the International Space Station but from what I have been able to find , I don't think so. Is there a website anywhere that will list satellites etc and where they are located at certain times? Sorry about the poor location description. Thanks alot!

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You came to the right place to ask. Wait til Rusty wakes up this morning - he will know.

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Like Doug said, Rusty will be the one to know what's up.
Here is a link to a site I use for tracking:

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It's probably Arcturus, an orange giant, in Bootes (The Herdsman), the 4th brightest star.

To confirm it's Arcturus, follow the arc of the Big Dipper's handle ("Follow the arc to...") Arcturus. Continue that arc ("Speed on to...") Spica, in Virgo.

Currently due west of Spica is Saturn.


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