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Was this a virus trick?
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I had an e-mail this morning from a wierd address saying cl item. When I opened it all it said was Still got it? with a http thing under it. If I opened the link could that have given me a virus? I haven't listed anything on cl for a long time, but I did list a garage sale for mom a couple days ago, so I'm thinking whoever did this is mass-mailing this thing. BTW, I just deleted it without opening it.

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Here's the official answer: The unfortunate truth is yes. Many email attachments lead you to websites that just by visiting them run malicious code and is downloaded and installed in to your system. The best defense is to have backups of important information and a two way firewall to help inform you of any attempt to visit a dangerous website.

My answer: My experience is that any decent virus software will stop the malicious code. Most likely this is a Phishing exercise propagated by so called Nigerian Scam artists. They have increasingly shifted their efforts to social networking websites where there are a higher percentage of inexperienced users who are less likely to be savvy to their tricks or have up-to-date virus software.

I always delete anything that I don't recognize as something I initiated or am familiar with. Even if I am familiar, like Bank of America emails, I delete them. If they are that important someone will eventually call me. Frankly, if it's not a scam, it's likely spam anyway!!!!

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it is safe unless you follow the directions in step 2

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