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11-02-2017, 08:43 AM
I have a Venturi I don't use and would like to find a new home for it. Shipping only
04-04-2018, 09:53 PM
venturi? you mean the roof vent?
04-06-2018, 08:09 AM
Pgh. Pirate
Jim, sent you a PM. Thx..

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04-15-2018, 09:11 AM
Venturi is a portable generator chimney that attaches to the side of your RV to send the exhaust up and away from your living space while camping.
04-15-2018, 09:41 AM
I thought it was a Venturi for creating the vacuum that powers the dash controls. Now that we are clear what you offering, I would be up for the Venturi for my generator. Ted, (Pgh.Pirate) you inquired first, so if you need the Venturi, you have first right to acquire the Venturi.
This just goes to show us that now everyone see thing the same.
04-15-2018, 10:28 AM
Steve VW
I think they were sold as a "Genturi", made by Camco. They work well I am told. Thumbs Up

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04-15-2018, 11:14 AM
One of the former owner/members had plans on this site for a home made version. I forget his name/handle but at first I thought it was made up from his handle which seemed to start with gen

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05-25-2018, 11:31 AM
Yes, it is Genturi my apologies for the confusion.
Still available if anyone is interested.
05-25-2018, 12:45 PM
Yes, Please see your private message for my phone.