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Front door lock
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I have a 1992 regency front entrance it's very hard to open when I pull lock Handel. It won't open without pushing in on the door frame above the lock every time the last owner said it was always like that is their a fix for this that anyone knows about
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Maybe the latch needs lube. Try some oil on the latch pawl and spring. (Some prefer moly or graphite dry lube but to free up a sticky one I'd use oil)

Sometimes while the coach runs down the road, the vibration of the door allows the latch pin to wear a groove in the otherwise smooth pawl surface. When the door is opened the pin hangs up in the worn groove. Careful inspection may reveal the wear. If you can smooth out the pawl surface with a file or Dremel you may get it to work OK.

My Regal has a side door, I'm not sure your latch is the same. Perhaps someone here has replaced theirs and can give you the info on manufacturers and parts availability. Good luck.

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The best thing I have used is "3 in 1 Lock Lube" available at HomeDepot and other stores. Not as messy as other lubes.....................Carl

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Take the inside cover off, and this will expose the mechanism. There are mating, sliding surfaces that benefit from lube.


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I did what Rusty said on my 85 Regency.
My door lock was also sticking and I took it apart clean every thing and added new lube.
Worked like a charm afterwards.

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