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Dometic- Duo therm Thermostat
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NICK"No, I gave it back to Tom Johns when it wouldn't work for me."

TOM"I don't have it You may want to look around your spare parts."

TOM"if Nick can find it, its yours."

Nick, It sounds like you might still have it laying around...can you check?

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Hi Nick: Here is the correct one out of my old unit. I also have the heater strip that plugs into the unit. They are both yours for $15 that you should send to Bill NY. I expect the shipping is about $15, Priority Box.
Just send me your preferred address.
Tom K
They are on Photobucket, now if I can figure out the link. OK, the two newest pictures.

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Nick, Tom,

Did either of you find the dometic/duother, 11 pin touchpad or control board? Not sure which one you you ended up with it...I was hoping that one on you may have ended up with it..
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dometic duotherm penguin ii touchpad thermostat controls

Everyone, I realize this is and old thread but I thought that for those who are interested and dont want to replace the whole ac or whole control system that I'd share my findings for the failure culprit on the NLA touchpad systems that go south.

I was able to gather 2 additional control boards for this rare dometic/duotherm penguin ii thermostat system.

I was able to test my keypad and the extra keypad with 2 known working control boards.

The verdict:

It appears the control boards and (not the keypad) fail. When they do they cannot send power to the keypad.

All components on the board are still available except one long ic at the upper right corner (near the 12 pin ribbon cable ) made by national semiconductor. When looking up that part number it does not come up in their database.

I have compiled a list of all relays, transistors and chips on both the keypad and board with part numbers and part sources. Feel free to send me an email.

I also have compiled dometic schematics and manuals on every version or iteration of this control system.

Although the dometic part numbers have been superceded, I have only once found this control board new and it is on ebay:

Here is the seller:

I also did find a company that thinks they can repair these:

In the meantime, I am working on a solution for an inexpensive easily available off the shelf replacement to control these penguin units. I will keep you posted.
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dulobast25 I need info on this whats your email
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I would suggest you ask this on the 'technical forum'.

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