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2 NOS Windshields for Sale
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2 New Old Stock Windshields for Sale, left side and right side.

They were for a 1973 25' Barth. I am posting the data tag to the coach, photos of the windshields and their measurements so you can decide if they'll fit yours. They had been stored in their original shipping crate with foam padding for over 10 years...the crate had no readable details or markings and was rotten so I tossed it.
Measurements: height is 22.5" tall at the straight end, where they meet in the middle and 19 7/8" tall at the curved end, width is 49 1/8" at the bottom bottom and 47 5/8" at the top.
Markings found, see photos

Best price gets them.

Please don't ask me what I'll sell them for; I do not know their value. Let's agree that you want to pay as little as possible and I'd like as much as possible. Only you know what they're worth to you.
I'll take offers until the last day of July.
You pay for shipping, I can have a shipping crate made or you can pick them up in person. I do not have a shipping quote, maybe you can advise the best option. Each side weighs 20lbs.

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The coach they were originally meant for...

Right and Left windshields

Driver's side markings:

Passenger's side markings:
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I am new here and inquiring about the windshields. Tried to get contact info, but was denied. Hope this works. Please let me know if still available, and if so, send a contact name/number.
Thanks: Tim
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Are the windshields still available?
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SteveVW is getting these (see here); they will still be available through him, so I'm closing this thread.

To save space and because they've been overtaken by events, I've deleted most of the intervening posts.


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