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Shopping for a Breakaway
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My Breakaway shower is 71.5", I was 6'3" but due to blown out disks I am now 6'1" Even at that I have no problems in the shower. I have seen people put a dome over the shower.

Bed is also a short queen, with the mattress pushed all the way to the back wall from the wall to the front of the mattress is 6'3" so with that even at my height my feet hang over.

Dana made an extension and used a full size queen bed. He is a lot taller than me. He had head collisions all over and was the main reason he sold and got a bigger one

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Thanks for the information . I hope to learn as much as possible . A friend has a camper trailer and was telling me that his shower was too short . That had me wondering about the Barth shower.

Thanks again , I'm sure I'll have more questions as they come to me .

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