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My Barth find
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There has been a motorhome sitting in a field below my shop for about 8 years, never thought much about it. A friend of mine came to own it a couple of years ago and never got around to doing anything with it. We joked for a year about selling it to me so I could go camping with my parents who are fulltimers. He finally comes up to me one day and tells me he will trade it to me if I build him an engine, I tell him no I am not that interested in one, he tells me okay he will buy all the parts if I just supply the labor. This peaks my interest and I tell him I will go look at it. Upon arriving I call my dad and tell him that this thing is just ugly and I have never even heard of this Barth thing. I will never forget the sound of his voice--Son do not leave there without that rv, I don't care what shape it is in, get it before he changes his mind. A couple of batteries and amazingly fired right up, drove the couple of miles to my shop scared to death of the tires. We have now spent a couple of weeks cleaning and adding paint to cover the faded striping buffed the upper and added an added some art work. Everything worked but the microwave buttons. The workmanship on this vehicle is just incredible------I am a Barth man. Pictures to come
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Sometimes father knows best. Please think about coming to a GTG in Florida or Milford or any other outing someone talks about. They talk about it on Barthmobile so others will ask if they can join in. Love what you have done sofar. All who wander are not lost. Smiler


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Looks like another nice Barth! Be careful these things are addictive. I got mine from inlaws a year ago March. Didn't know much about it then. I now have a great appreciation for these rigs and the folks who built them.

Meanwhile, I've become a Barthmobile junkie and now I'm rebuilding the engine from below, the act of an addicted crazy man for sure.

So far, the Barth people I've met have been as great as the coaches. Good luck with your coach and its custodial duties, don't forget to have fun too!

PS send Bill NY a pic of your data tag if you can. He is building a library of Barth records.

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Father absolutely new best on this one. He new exactly what a Barth was and how well built. I think I am already addicted to it, my wife says so anyway. We headed out last night on our first camping trip with the parents, the excitement on their faces of us camping with them dang near brought tears to our eyes when we pulled up.
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Looks like around a '91 28' Breakaway. You essentially stole it. Thumbs Up

Please post a photo of the data plate (Usually behind the driver's window)


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Dead on the money rusty, there should be wanted signs up with my pic on them for what I have in this thing. I have every piece of paper work, blueprints, manuals and documents on anything to do with my barth.
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Welcome and kudos for acquiring such a nice coach. Suzie and I make the annual pilgramage to Dega in October, stopping either at Lake Martin, [Wind Creek] or Eufalla on the way. We're always open to other suggestions, as long as they're on the way.

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You essentially stole it.


Nice paint job.

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Sweet Nice art work. Your buddies loss, your gain!!

Hope you do your best work on his engine Thumbs Up

You better throw in a few of his favorite beverage! cheers

Welcome to Barthmobile

Come join us in Milford Indiana Close to the Barth home.

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Welcome to the site...

Please, tell me the story of your tail/turn signal lights. mechanic

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Way to go, T
You are EXTREMELY fortunate.
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WOW WOW and Wow. Good score!!!!!
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