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A BaRTH is rebuilt in Denmark.
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Unfortunately , some places like New York , decided it was a good idea to house covid patients in nursing homes . Not the brightest of ideas . Also we will never know the true numbers of cases due to massive fraud and inaccurate tests .

Its a shame the way some organizations have handled this for both financial and political gain .

There are many readily available cures that the media refuses to report .

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Just read an article that the police do to the current state of mind, are afraid to enforce face mask laws in states and locations where it is required.

Politicians are saying it is not their place to enforce health issues!!! Well,, if the not police who the hell else!!!! Maybe do a protest, sure that will help, maybe burn some buildings!!!!

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Normally, this would would be considered thread drift but Covid 19 is a situation that has made nothing in life "normal". We are at a point where we cannot depend on anything we read, hear or see in any form of media. It's all been politicized.
Everything said on this post is absolutely spot on. We've got a virus, nobody knows how to treat it, nobody knows how to cure it, and nobody knows how many people got it, died from it alone, died from it and other underlying problems, or recovered. And Dr. Brix,who is head of the group trying to fix this problem has said she wouldn't depend on CDC numbers for anything. We don't know when or where it started, we don't know if was a lab accident or intentional. We do know that it is contagious, is airborne and also is on surfaces. So, what do you do? You do what you do with any other virus. You practice hygiene, wash your hand, stay away from crowds, don't sneeze or cough in people's faces, and hope you don't get sick, and wait for a vaccine to be developed. If you shut down the world's economy, you will send the world into a depression that will make the one of 1929 look like a game of Monopoly. But it's clear that some public activities do need to be curtailed. The Asian flu of 1957 killed 116000. I was damn near one of them. Based on using the percentage that died in 1957 with today's US population, the death toll will be about 223000 by the time it's controlled. And they had a vaccine by October 1957. If we don't have a vaccine by the end of the year, the numbers are going to be in the 250000 range because it's clear some people will not pay any attention to guidelines and some governors won't put up any restrictions. So, what do you do? You do what you have to. If you work, you go to work. If you're retired, you stay away from dangerous situations. You adjust your social activities to be as safe as you can. And you pray to God that a vaccine is developed soon.
As far as the disparity between the haves and the have nots, that's another discussion. But I agree with Steve.


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