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how to post pics
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Now that I have the new holding tank in the Euro and I'm about ready to seriously put it on the market. I figured I'd learn how to post some recent pix so you would have an accurate view of her. In the last couple days I figured out how to get pix from an old Olympus onto the PC and how to retrieve them to post on FB. A major accomplishment, give that we've had this camera for 6 or 7 years and never had done that. So I figured it was time to come here and learn how to post on this site. The very first instruction is to send the pix in an Email. Lost me already, don't know how to do that. I'll figure that out though so on to the next step. Call Kevin and he'll walk me through it? If it's that difficult I'll never remember it anyway, as my memory is so bad that I had forgotten why I quit posting pix here just a few years ago. Some of us are just not cut out to do a lot of things on a computer.

After a lengthy tutorial with Keven yesterday I finally was able to post some pix here. Of course this is another day and I'm still pulling my hair out. No matter which pic I choose from PB this pic is the one that gets posted. I give up! [For now]

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